Baked Chicken: stuffed w/ham , swiss cheese & goat cheese topped with a cream sauce & served w/roasted potatoes & steamed veggies – $26

Baked Salmon w/ginger-plum sauce :served w/veggies &rice -$26

Thai Curry : Red or Green (your choice of tofu/ veggie, chicken , or shrimp –$20,$22,$24

Pad Thai or Pad Thai Basil (spicy): pan fried noodles and your choice of shrimp, chicken , or veg – $24,$22,$20

Fried Rice: vegetarian/vegan – or shrimp– $20,$24

Basil Stir Fry: chicken, shrimp or veggie– $22,$24,$20

Ginger Stir Fry: chicken, shrimp or tofu-veggie – $22,$24,$20

Pad Thai
Baked chicken
Chicken Red Curry
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